Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming 

Here at The Silk Farm Retreat, we are spoilt for choice by the number of Wild Swimming spots on our doorsteps. Whilst 'Wild Swimming' has only just recently become a new 'trend' in the wellness movement, the Provence locals have been wild swimming for centuries. The natural pools and lakes explain why the land is so lush, fertile and green! 

So we thought we would give you a taster of three different types of Wild Swimming spots. One nestled between the vineyards, an old outdoor bathing spot, and waterfalls (our personal favorite!)

 Le Barrage 

Here at The Silk Farm Retreat, we love going to the Barrage. It is so close that we often run to it and then jump straight in to wash off! We also like to take our guests here once they have arrived so that they can shake off any horrible plane or car journey smells that have stuck on them. 

We walk through the vineyards of the incredible Chateau Sainte Croix where guests can also enjoy their restaurant or wine tasting! Guests can even go wine tasting after wild swimming if you want to feel extra adventurous! 
And here is our Barrage! Fresh flowing water which ensures that you are swimming in clean and energetic currents. It feels like the water rushes out any toxins on your skin, and pumps energy through your body, almost an electric feel that encourages  blood circulation. 
It's gorgeous at any time of day, in the morning -to cool off, or perfect destination on a blissful nighttime walk to refind your balance at the end of the day! 
The Baths 
A short drive away from The Silk Farm Retreat is our second wild swimming spot - Natural Pool Salerno. A destination on 'Wild Swim Website' it is an outdoor pool situated in the middle of the river Bresques. The French call it 'plan d'eau' which basically means man-made Lido. 

Apart from being utterly beautiful, what is also so special about this place, is that you get a glimpse into French community life.

Locals bring their deck chairs, books, and picnics; they sit back and enjoy their summer nights, drinking and chatting amongst friends, watching their children who splash and swim with such freedom, as though the night will never end.

If you want to combine wild swimming with some local culture then we would definitely recommend this place. 

It feels like you have just stumbled upon a Roman bath in the middle of Salernes.

Now, by this point you are probably thinking, 'okay I get it, wild swimming is beautiful, but why is there so much hype recently and how is it connected to wellness?' 

The health benefits from wild swimming include an improved immune system, better circulation, and increased libido (oh la la as the French say!) 

Wild Swimming works as an anti-depressant and as natural medicine which can reduce anxiety and boost one's mood.

The sharp impact of the cold water which shocks your body stimulates the receptors on your skin, promoting relaxation and contentment. When we become cold the blood rushes to our organs, increasing our heart rate, releasing endorphins and adrenaline! In response to the coldness of the water, our body also releases white blood cells to counter the attack which makes your immune system more resilient. 

And it's exercise! Which is fantastic! But an added bonus of swimming outdoors is that your body burns more calories than indoor swimming as it works harder to keep you warm. 

The cold water also exfoliates our skin leaving you glowing as you delight in the newfound softness of your skin, your radiant confidence, and the Cheshire grin that will be stuck to your face from the increased serotonin. 

Cascades du Caramy 

Finally, I am a bit tentative about sharing this one with you, as it is our hidden secret. 

Our little wonderland that we stumbled across when out hiking with one of our guests. 

We felt as though we were the famous five who had uncovered a mystery. A fairyland that was just ours. You have to climb down worn away steps until you get to majestic rocks with sparkling water that literally dances off of it. 

As you climb over the rocks you find more and more waterfalls hidden away in enclaves. It really felt like a film set. And it was a five-minute drive away from the house! 
Apart from the aforementioned health rewards, what we personally feel like is so incredible about wild swimming is that it makes you feel like a child again. 
On an adventure and consumed by nature. 
We are so lucky here at The Silk Farm Retreat to have these magnificent spots on our doorstep. These were only our top three and we have plenty of other incredible wild swimming spots if you want more! Comment down below if that is something you would like!
So if you are craving adventure or rebalance - why not come and join us? 

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